Photography became an important part of my childhood after I was given a camera for my birthday. I was intrigued by the endless photographic possibilities. My mother had the foresight to not include the flash on my first camera. Even without being able to shoot in the dark, I had plenty of opportunities for surprise photographs. Mom made sure that she took all of the film to be developed in those days, so that no "unappreciated" pictures ever returned from the store. My brother and sisters quickly learned to be on the lookout for my photographic adventures. Along with the family fun, I learned to take useful pictures for science fairs and other school projects. I also used photography to promote the work my parents and I did buying and selling antiques throughout my teenage years. I earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville before I began a career in public accounting. I am eager to learn from every aspect of life, and my journey continues with learning every day.

My love of photography further developed my interest in the colors captured through various camera lenses. I studied the use of color by painting with watercolors, pastels, opaque paints, and other mediums. Combining these mediums with photography continues to be a rewarding experience. This resulted in some of the mixed media paintings shown at I believe that the application of color theory to photographic creativity is invaluable.

I worked for a manufacturing company for over twenty years. My artistic skills were used in advertising and promoting this manufacturing company throughout my employment. Many of my images were used online, at trade shows, in publications, and even for decorating various offices.

For the past several years, I have been experimenting with different combinations of painting and photography. I enjoy discovering which techniques and mediums compliment each other to accentuate the message within each piece of art. My goal in photography is to create unique images that express light and its reflections in ways that illuminate the beauty of creation. I have appreciated photography throughout my life, and I am thankful for everyone who has made it possible for me to work as an artist and photographer.

Jeff Mayfield