Artist Statement

"Art communicates feelings and ideas through various mediums. My work uses visual media to express individual, emotional, and spiritual messages through the treatment and transformation of scenes from life."

Jeff Mayfield


Photographic Creative Freedom

Creative freedom is a rewarding way to produce unique artwork. Various camera lenses and filters provide me with artistic ways to display the beauty of life and the beauty throughout our created world. I use professional quality equipment to shoot in raw format. All of my negatives are stored in organized databases.

With outdoor photography, the light and its reflections are continually changing. Working quickly and efficiently in the moment is necessary to make the most out of each opportunity. This constant change in natural lighting is a challenge, but it is one of the most intriguing aspects of photography. The photographic reward often comes from waiting on the light and its reflections to fall exactly where the message of the photograph is illuminated.

My photography focuses on the light and its reflections. Whether incorporating bright colors, the values expressed in a black and white photo, or how the light reflects off of the subject and cuts across the background; the light and its reflections emphasize the message of each image. Photography utilizes the colors within the visible sections of the light spectrum and their reflections to emphasize scenes and subjects. From highlights to shadows, all values are an integral part of the message conveyed in an image. I take time to measure both the light falling on a subject and the amount of light reflected off of the subject. Specific moments in life can be displayed with supplementary lighting and effects as a visual representation of what was gained from that experience. My development process incorporates different creative techniques that I use to amplify the shapes, textures, and colors within an image. The photographic works of art are printed on archival quality fiber paper or canvas. Each fine art photograph is a signed and numbered limited edition with a certificate of authenticity.