The Artistic Experience

Of Commissioning

Unique Artwork


Combining the strengths of various artistic techniques provides for greater freedom of expression. From the way that an image is planned, to the intricate details highlighted throughout digital development process, every stage of the creative process contributes to the individuality of each piece of art.

Color theory, values, and composition techniques apply to all mediums, but photography is an especially sensitive medium. To fully convey the message of an image, the application of creativity and artistic techniques begins during the image capture. The subject and its message are planned in relation to the overall composition. Determining the desired values in the scene is critical to the application of color theory. In my opinion, the key to photographic art is achieving the desired lighting and reflections to illuminate the image.

Photographs that require natural lighting can provide a challenge in finding the time when the best lighting and reflection combinations will most likely occur for a particular image. Patience and perseverance are helpful in getting the ideal shot at the right time and from the right angle. Many other variables such as lens and filter selection, film speed, aperture size (the amount of light allowed through the lens), and shutter speed need to be determined before you take the first photograph. These and other variables are combined in the creation of high quality photographic art.

Technological developments in digital photography allow me to combine the strength of photographic form with a wide array of developments and post processing creativity. Photographic art can be purchased or usage rights can be licensed, but the individual expression of creativity is greatest when you can be a part of the artistic experience. The developments created throughout the artistic experience allow you to describe how the idea and message of an image was transformed into personalized art.

The artistic experience begins with identifying the subject and the message to be conveyed. An initial consultation explores the project, fees, and timeline. Descriptions help to clarify the characteristics that make an individual or place important in your life. It is my belief that this step is essential to effectively communicating the message through visual media. Many options are discussed in the initial consultation regarding the size, location, framing options, compositional design, and other planning details. Once we have established a working knowledge of the plans for the artwork, a photo shoot is scheduled.

After the photo shoot, the photographs are intricately developed, and image studies are presented for review by everyone involved in the artistic experience. These studies are reviewed at the design and composition meeting to make the final decisions on specific aspects of the artwork. The design and composition meeting ensures that the finished artwork matches your decisions and meets your expectations. My goal is for you to enjoy participating in the creative process, and that the experience provides even greater satisfaction with your unique artwork.